Paula Bennett snapped with big bud baggie

Paula Bennett has been photographed with an astonishingly large baggie of bud while in Canada for research before New Zealand's upcoming referendum.

"In Canada looking at cannabis legalisation. #notforsale #worth$10k," she tweeted.

According to the label on the bag, it contains 825 grams of cannabis, believed to be the Kryptonite strain.

An online cannabis review website states that "Superman himself would have a hard time handling this massively potent indica-dominant strain".

Another photo posted to Twitter shows Bennett holding a large bag of joints.

"Here's 50 joints. The ends have to be twisted by hand!" she wrote.

The photos of Bennett have drawn some hilarious tweets in response.

"Big P whats poppin hmu for a sesh next time you cruisin," one person responded.

National's drug spokesperson has admitted to previously using cannabis "at a very light level".

"As far as marijuana, I was a girl of the 80s and grew up in Taupō and have tried it at a very light level," she told media in January.

"It didn't agree with me, to be honest. I do like a party and I found it put me to sleep, so I was much more interested in enjoying myself."