Security expert backs new terror law proposal

A security expert is praising the Government's anti-terrorism bill, saying it has the balance right.

The Justice Minister's proposed law changes would impose restrictions on New Zealanders returning from overseas conflict zones. 

The Terrorism Suppression (Control Orders) Bill was triggered by New Zealander Mark Taylor, also known as the 'Bumbling Jihadi'. 

It would see fighters returning home put under electronic monitoring, having their internet access restricted and put into rehab.

Analyst Paul Buchanan says the law is "clearly directed at people who are more dangerous than" Taylor, who once revealed a secret Islamic State hideout in Syria after forgetting to turn off his Twitter location.

"He is not exactly a leading-edge jihadist."

Buchanan says people will be monitored at different levels, depending on the risk they pose.

"This is one of the rare instances where not only is there bipartisan support for this law reform, but they actually appear to have struck the right balance the first time around."

NZ First supports the legislation, and National does too, but wants the age it kicks in lowered from 18 to 14. The Greens oppose it, but the Bill is expected to pass with National's backing.

Hundreds of Islamic State extremists recently escaped prison amidst the chaos in Syria caused by the Turkish invasion from the north.