Simon Bridges shows off singing skills in duet with Duncan Garner

National Party leader Simon Bridges has shown off his singing skills live on television, taking part in a duet with The AM Show host Duncan Garner.

Bridges showed off his pipes at an event over the weekend, belting Elvis Presley's hit 'Love Me Tender' at a meeting for Philipino National Party supporters.

Garner saw the video and was ready to see Bridges recreate it in person when the politician appeared on The AM Show, even if Bridges wasn't that keen.

"These are things you just put out very rarely on the odd occasion," he said.

But some gentle cajoling from sportsreader Nicky Styris and newsreader Amanda Gillies led to the pair singing along to a karaoke version of the song, taking turns to sing each line.

Bridges eventually brought the segment to an end though, improvising his own lyrics for the 1956 hit.

"Love me true, I feel like this should really stop right now," he sang.

For the record, the actual line he was supposed to sing was: "all my dreams fulfil".


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