Tweet from 2012 shows Jacinda Ardern's thoughts on shock-jock Alan Jones

An old tweet has revealed Jacinda Ardern's true thoughts on Australian radio shock-jock Alan Jones, who in August labelled her a "complete clown". 

The 2012 tweet by Ardern, unearthed by Sky News Australia's Jackson Williams, says: "I know an Alan Jones. Unlike the Aussie version, he isn't a git or intensely disliked by the general population."

Ardern was relucant to comment on Tuesday, telling reporters: "Of late, you'll have seen that I have not been offering up thoughts or opinions on the issue of Alan Jones and I don't intend to now."

Tweet from 2012 shows Jacinda Ardern's thoughts on shock-jock Alan Jones
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She said she would "not continue an ongoing debate over the issue of Alan Jones". 

Newshub understands Ardern was responding at the time to Jones' comments in 2012 about former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

Jones infamously claimed Gillard's father "died of shame" over the "lies" she told running for Parliament.

Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters told Sky News Australia he didn't expect it from Jacinda Ardern, but he said everyone makes mistakes. 

He told reporters on Tuesday: "I know Alan Jones and he's a very intelligent and bright guy. Whether you agree with him is a different matter, but he's an extraordinarily bright and intelligent guy."

Jones, 78, labelled Ardern, 38, a "complete clown" in August after she was accused of calling out Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison at the Pacific Islands Forum over Australia's climate change stance. 

"Australia has to answer to the Pacific," Ardern said at the time. 

Jones responded on his radio show 2GB by describing Ardern as an "absolute light-weight" and suggesting Morrison "shove a sock down her throat". 

It sparked backlash with more than 80 advertisers of Jones' show pulling out, costing the radio station about AU$1 million in lost revenue, and leading to a "full review" of the show from its owner Macquarie Media. 

Ardern did not wish to comment specifically on Jones' comments at the time, saying she doesn't "have an opinion on every single person that says something about me".

Jones apologised to Ardern on-air and in a letter obtained by Newshub under the Official Information Act. 

"While I may disagree with your stance on climate change, I would never wish any harm to you... Prime Minister, I would like to assure you that I did not intend to suggest any violence towards you," he wrote. 

Jones then boldly requested an interview with the Prime Minister, but she had not appeared on his show.