Why you won't see Judith Collins nude this summer

Saturday is National Nude Gardening Day, but there's one keen gardener you definitely won't see pruning weeds this weekend. 

National MP Judith Collins says she will be keeping her kit on this weekend.

"Most people I've noticed who are nudists, they've never got six-packs," she told The AM Show on Friday.

"They've all got floppy bits flopping everywhere. I think it is kind to people to pop those away."

National Nude Gardening Day in New Zealand takes place during the much tamer National Gardening Week, and shouldn't be confused with World Naked Gardening Day, which takes place in May. 

"We decided here in New Zealand that it's actually still a bit cold, so we moved ours to this end of the year," New Zealand Naturist Federation president Wendy Lowe told The AM Show, appearing on national TV completely starkers on a brisk 9C morning in Wellington.

But Collins - fully dressed - would rather not spoil her pretty garden with something less than perfect.

"I don't find it rude - I just find it sort of like, ugly."

Labour MP Willie Jackson, appearing alongside Collins on The AM Show and also fully dressed, said there's a time and place for going nude.

"I'm not into it, but my wife is from Rotorua and if you go down there and you go to the swimming baths, you have to go in naked," he said.

"It's not rude, but if they take you there and you're a guest... you go for a bath, you're not allowed to wear your clothes. It's only rude for the sort of people who are a bit twisted and broken and have got doubts about their own bodies."

An informal AM Show poll on Friday morning found almost half of viewers and listeners have been nude in public.