'Gutless': Patrick Gower unleashes on Shane Jones following migrant comments

Newshub national correspondent Patrick Gower says Shane Jones is a "gutless wonder" for the comments he made about migrants.

Jones suggested immigrants go home if they didn't like the Government's new partnership visa policy, which the Indian community has called racist, due to the fact it would become more difficult for people in arranged marriages to get residency.

Protesters rallied in Auckland on Sunday to condemn the New Zealand First MP's comments.

The Project on Monday spoke to a couple in an arranged marriage. Following the segment, host Kanoa Lloyd and Gower joined forces to also condemn Jones' comments.

"For mainly New Zealand First members to suggest that this is some sort of back-door, cynical way in for Indian families is just so far from the truth," Lloyd said. "It's narrow-minded, ill-informed and straight up racist."

Gower said Jones is "the big man with the big mouth".

"If he really had any guts, or any pride, he'd front up to that family and say what he said to their face, and I bet you Shane Jones would not be capable of doing that because he's a gutless, gutless wonder."

Meanwhile the Migrant Workers Association is promised "something big" is coming if Jones doesn't apologise for his comments.

Jones declined to comment when approached on Monday morning.