'Something big' coming if Shane Jones doesn't apologise - migrant group

The Migrant Workers Association is promising "something big" is coming if Cabinet minister Shane Jones doesn't apologise for comments he made about migrants.

Jones suggested immigrants go home if they didn't like the Government's new partnership visa policy, which the Indian community has called racist because it would make it harder for people with arranged marriages to get residency. 

Protesters rallied in Auckland on Sunday to condemn his comments. Association spokesperson Sher Singh says resentment is growing.

"We are planning something big. I don't want to announce it yet. I don't want to be taking these bigger steps but hey, if we don't see results then we'll definitely be heading that way."

Jones, a New Zealand First MP, said immigrants could "catch the next flight home" if they don't like the new rules.

"You have no legitimate expectations in my view to bring your whole village to New Zealand."


Singh says the next demonstration will be bigger.

"I've had calls from other community members, and they've [said] look, we're willing to come forward and hold hands with you and make our voices heard."

He says discriminatory policy was bad enough, but Jones' comments were the tipping point.

Shane Jones declined to comment when approached by Newshub for a response.



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