Donald Trump won't be impeached - Ryan Bridge

The AM Show fill-in host Ryan Bridge insists "nothing's going to come" of the impeachment enquiry into US President Donald Trump. 

On Thursday (local time), the inquiry into Trump became one step closer after the major vote by US lawmakers.

It means a formalised process will now go ahead.

"I know what you're all thinking, we're all worried about Trump being impeached, because the world would end if Trump was impeached," Bridge said on Friday's show.

"Don't worry though, nothing is going to happen here."

The US House of Representatives on Thursday (local time) voted in favour of having hearings and private meetings released.

"All that means is you're going to have some toing and froing between Democrats and Republicans," Bridge said.

"Then at the end of it all, if it gets to this point, it will have to go through the Senate.

"The Senate's controlled by the Republicans - that's Donald Trump's party; it'll be dead in the water."  

Bridge said next year's election would also take the attention away from the impeachment inquiry. 

"It's never actually going to come to anything."

Sports reader Mark Richardson said America needs to "get over themselves".

"Trump's a knob, we all know that. He's very difficult to like in personality, but I don't believe Trump has ripped America apart; America's ripped itself apart over Trump.

"If they don't like it, don't vote him back in. It's democracy that they hold so precious - it's democracy that put this guy in power, so just get on with it."

Bridge added he believed Trump would be re-elected.

"He's going to go for a second term and he's going to get it," Bridge said.

Newsreader Amanda Gillies concluded the segment, saying she wasn't so sure the US would re-elect Trump.

"The world will be a better place if he is [impeached]."


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