Google apologises for accessibility Christchurch terror attack video but clip remains searchable

Google has for the first time apologised to New Zealanders who saw the Christchurch terror video. 

In an interview with Newshub, Ross Young, Google New Zealand's Government Affairs and Public Policy Senior Manager, said sorry to those who’ve been impacted.

"We would apologise and we are working hard to make sure that doesn't happen again," he said. 

Google was not prepared, Young said they were surprised by the scale and speed of the attack.

No one was prepared. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said every second counted.

"Every second and minute lost exacerbated the spread of the video and the reach of terrorism," she said.

 But it's still spreading. Minutes before our interview with Google, Newshub located yet another version of the video in just a few clicks. We reported it to the chief censor - and showed Google.

"We have systems whereby people can notify us of that, and hopefully you've done so, and have that removed," Young said in response. "There's always more you can do."

The Christchurch call was the start and today it was put to the test - Google and the government hosted a drill of fictional terror attacks.

Trying to create a coordinated response in the same way that we would after an earthquake or natural disaster.

There were a range of scenarios tested - some of them described as horrific.

"Giving away some of them may include ideas that we don't want to be giving away," Paul Ash, Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet National Security Manager, said.

"We are trying to push the boundaries somewhat in the scenarios and understand and anticip[ate what might happen in the future."

Trying to predict how terrorists will act - so next time they are prepared.

We reported the video we found on Tuesday to the chief censor immediately - that was around 11am - we've just checked the website again the 16-minute video is still live nearly 7 hours later.

When the Prime Minister is talking about the uncontrollable spread over seconds and minutes - 7 hours is a terrifyingly slow response.