Green MP Chlöe Swarbrick shares bizarre letter from angry Baby Boomer

Part of being in the public eye is receiving feedback - and Green MP Chlöe Swarbrick isn't afraid to share a sample of what she receives.

In a Twitter reply to Newshub reporter Anna Bracewell-Worrall, Swarbrick posted a hand written letter she had been sent. 

"To Swarbrick," the letter reads. Clearly the author doesn't consider themselves to be on a first name basis with the MP.

"You are typical of your generation who call us older generation names. You expect to be entitled to have what we have taken many years to achieve," it continues.

"Your generation is all 'me me me' all the time. You need to earn over many years what we are now enjoying," 

In this section "me me me" is highlighted. 

The letter writer says their generation had to save up in order to afford a house deposit but "your generation expect to get everything new - no 2nd hand furniture," 

The letter writer then critiques taxes and single mothers.

"The govt. which you are part of wastes my money on too many wrong things e.g. too many solo mums with no stability in a relationship with too many kids they can't cope with paying them when they don't name the father too many abortions per woman that we pay for ," 

The letter finishes strong, slamming Swarbrick's now iconic "OK Boomer" moment in Parliament. 

"Your comment boomer is extremely RUDE" - rude is capiltalised, underlined and highlighted to really drive the point home.

"You need to get a life."