Hannah's Tamaki's 'flair, freedom' making Jacinda Ardern, Simon Bridges nervous - Brian

Vision NZ leader Hannah Tamaki's "flair and freedom" is making Jacinda Ardern and Simon Bridges nervous, according to Brian Tamaki.

On Monday, Newshub revealed Labour leader Ardern and National's Bridges were ruling out working with Vision NZ if it successfully made its way to Parliament.

Ardern said a collaboration between the parties wouldn't work even "in a month of Sundays" while Bridges said the ultra-conservative, family value-focused Tamakis had said "wacky" and "bizarre" things. 

But Brian is now defending his wife. 

"Well Both Leaders having to answer this question made them Squeamish nd Insecure..Hannah’s Flair nd Freedom must be very Unnerving to Simon nd Jacinda..(sic)," the pastor tweeted on Tuesday morning. He also added a winky face emoji at the end.

In another tweet, Brian said Ardern and Bridges were out of touch.

"Bit Rich from 2 of the most Out of Touch People with Everyday Hardworking Kiwis..When this Grandmother nd Great-Grandmother has the evidence of 'Reality' (sic)."

Tamaki also suggested Bridges went for a hunt with him.

"This is a Great Hunt..Some Pork for the Poor..Simon Bridges maybe you cn come out for a Hunt with me one day..i will show you 'Bizzare' nd 'Whacky'."

To get into Parliament, Vision NZ would need 5 percent of the vote. Parties associated with the controversial Tamakis have tried twice before and didn't even scratch 1 percent.

The pair announced the party - then known as Coalition NZ - back in May. While it didn't initially have many policies, Hannah has since said she would ban new "mosques, temples and other foreign buildings of worship" if elected and has suggested paying refugees not to come to New Zealand. At one stage, she mooted a 97 percent immigration cut.

Brian promised the party would be a "vehicle" for the "silent majority" to express their beliefs.

"Our Kiwi way of life is in danger, our freedom, our values, our cultures, as a people, as we knew it, as New Zealanders living here, has been in danger because of the harmful policies that have been coming from this Government," he told reporters at the time. 

Child poverty reduction, housing and the level of Māori incarceration were also key concerns. Hannah said she would like to see abortion made illegal in New Zealand as she is "pro-life". Quizzed on her feelings on gay people, she said she had many gay family members that she supported.

Hannah recently had the honour of having one of her quotes being a finalist in the Massey University quote of the year competition. 

"Just imagine if Colonel Sanders gave up the first time he wanted funding for his recipe. We would not have had that succulent chicken," Tamaki said in May. 

That quote was eventually beaten by Ardern's "They are us", a reference to the Muslim victims of the Christchurch terror attack in March.

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