Pool accessories, drum kits and 'freedom': MPs reveal Christmas wishes

With two more days of Parliament before 2019 wraps up in Wellington's halls of power, MPs have revealed what they want from Santa - from more sleep to a pool noodle.

"I've always wanted an electronic drum kit and every year I go and look at them," Opposition leader Simon Bridges said, before heading into National's last caucus meeting of the year. 

"The truth is, I always start with the cheap ones and work my way up to the very expensive ones. I then go home and reflect on it and never buy one for myself. I'll just be happy to watch the kids unwrap their presents."

Deputy Prime Minister and New Zealand First leader Winston Peters said Christmas will bring him a "rest from guests" - but he didn't clarify what that means.

Paula Bennett, National's deputy leader, revealed she's expecting a swimming pool accessory from Santa this year: "I'm getting a pool noodle."

Bennett said her most memorable moment from 2019 was when National leaked information from Budget 2019 before its official release, after Treasury accidentally made it available online.

"Budget hack was huge and quite dramatic that week. We couldn't quite believe it when we saw it, how you could access information from the Budget."

Labour MP and minister Kris Faafoi said he plans to spend time with his in-laws on their farm this Christmas, where "hopefully they've got a pocket of no cell-phone coverage".

He told Newshub he hasn't asked for any presents from Santa this year. But the minister said he's pretty sure he'll get some gifts, anyway. 

"Our family policy of no presents for adults has been broken already so that may mean bouts of Christmas shopping before the presents get opened."

ACT leader David Seymour said he wants "freedom" for Christmas. 

As for National MP Judith Collins, she said she just wants to finish her book - a tell-all about her life and career and Parliament since she was first elected in 2002. 

"I need to finish my book - that's what I've got to do."

Collins, National's housing spokesperson, said her most memorable moment from 2019 was when the Government announced it was recalibrating KiwiBuild after the policy didn't meet initial targets.

"The Government finally realising and accepting that KiwiBuild - their big flagship policy - was a dead duck. I must say I did look enjoy making that happen."

Labour MP and minister Iain Lees-Galloway said all he wants for Christmas is "some rest".

National's transport spokesperson Chris Bishop said what he wants for Christmas is the proposed Melling Interchange in Lower Hutt completed - a project that has been shelved until 2029.

Bishop, MP for Hutt South, said: "Phil Twyford can give me an early Christmas present and get started on a Melling Interchange before Christmas and I'll be happy."

Twyford, the Minister for Transport, said he wants a "big infrastructure package" for Christmas. 

The Government announced earlier this month it plans to inject $12 billion into investments in transport, schools, regional development, district health boards (DHBs), and public estate decarbonisation.

Other MPs said they just want the chance to sleep in, like National's Nicola Willis, who said she would "love a cup of tea in bed from my children".  

MP Andrew Bayly said he wants a "big present" from his wife and revealed he's got a "big one" for her, too. 

Parliament officially wraps up this week until February 2020. 

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