Simon Bridges' office defaced by Extinction Rebellion

Simon Bridges' office was defaced overnight by climate change activists.

The National Party leader posted an image to Twitter on Sunday showing a dark liquid resembling oil coating the doorstep to his Tauranga electorate office. The liquid had been used to draw an Extinction Rebellion logo.

"I respect your right to protest Extinction Rebellion but not when it comes to defacing people's property as you've done to my electorate office overnight," he wrote.

Extinction Rebellion has gained attention around the world for its protests, which have included blocking roads, disrupting transport, spraying paint and vandalism.

The group aims to force governments to transform the current economic model so that radical action can be taken against climate breakdown, biodiversity loss and the risk of social and ecological collapse.

In a post to Facebook, Extinction Rebellion showed the group holding a large banner while member Doug Doig poured the organic molasses.

"It's time for us Boomers to start getting vocal about what dirty oil is doing to this country," he said in the post.

"This is a climate and ecological emergency - we need people like National Party leader Simon Bridges to tell the truth about the state of things. We need to move out of fossil fuels and into a new, justice-based vision of Aotearoa."

But the "defacing" has drawn anger online from National supporters and people who think the group goes too far.

"That's disgusting. They need to grow up. What terrible people," one person commented on Bridges' post.

"These people are horrific with too much time on their hands!" another said.