Winston Peters blasts the National Party in another social media video, says Simon Bridges 'must have amnesia'

Winston Peters is loving his social media videos lately. The last time it was blasting "fake news", this time it's blasting the opposition leader.

"It's a bit rich Simon Bridges claiming if you are a celebrity, you get special treatment from the Government," said Deputy Prime Minister and New Zealand First leader Peters, in another odd rant posted to Twitter on Friday.

"Mr Bridges must have amnesia."

Peters is referring to Bridges' comments in the wake of the scandal involving Labour MP Kris Faafoi. Newshub revealed on Thursday a series of text and Facebook messages between Faafoi and Opshop singer Jason Kerrison, in which Kerrison asks Faafoi for help with his step-father's declined partnership visa application.

Faafoi tells him he'll "talk to the people that can speed things up" but "can't put anything in writing", and soon cuts off communication.

National Party leader Simon Bridges said Kris Faafoi's position as a Cabinet minister was "untenable" if it was proven he helped a friend's relative with their immigration case.

In the social media video, Peters raised the issue of controversial US tech billionaire Peter Thiel, who was granted citizenship under the previous National Government having only spent 12 days in the country.

Peters labelled it a "deep burial", adding Bridges was "desperately posturing" and that it was "breathtaking hypocrisy".

Faafoi has been given a "stern talking to" by Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern about his handling of the matter.

He said in a statement on Friday he needs to be "more upfront in the future about what I can and can't do if I'm approached for help". 

"I have apologised to the Prime Minister and understand I have let her down in regards to my dealings with Jason Kerrison over an immigration matter concerning his family."

Faafoi was promoted to Cabinet minister in the Prime Minister's Cabinet reshuffle in June. 

He took on the role of Associate Housing Minister, in charge of public housing and tackling homelessness.