Duncan Garner: National needs to rule out working with Winston Peters

OPINION: Simon Bridges will soon make public his decision on whether to rule out New Zealand First and Winston Peters from Government, should National win this year's election. 

It's his biggest decision, a crucial call.

Surely he can only go one way and give Peters the flick before he has the chance to humiliate National and shaft them at the altar once again.

The truth is Peters has not worked cooperatively with the Nats for 22 years.

Think about that - 22 years.

Not since 1998, when he walked out of Cabinet twice.

Since then, he's propped up Labour.

Bridges might as well get in first and tell the country: "I don't want this old dinosaur". 

A vote for Peters is a vote for Labour. 

It squeezes Peters, and takes away his ability to choose the next Prime Minister. It strips him of the thing he loves the most - being at the centre of it all.

Of course, Bridges could court him and keep him as a live option, but why help him?

Peters shafted National at the last election. 

They should have been in Government and Bridges must now get his own back - and hope like hell Peters doesn't make it.

But if he does, he'll pick Labour anyway.

So, Simon, it's over to you - what are you going to do?

Duncan Garner hosts The AM Show.