Opinion: Getting a second term will be a big ask for Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern

OPINION: Mark it down.

In September you'll get four votes - one for the party you support, one for the person you want as your electorate MP, one for whether you want cannabis legalised and one for euthanasia.

On the night we won't get results for cannabis and euthanasia - those results will be released early October.

But I expect a huge turnout - a massive one, and the cannabis question may just get some lethargic Labour voters to the polls who might normally stay at home. Maybe their strategy was smarter than we all thought?

Getting another term will be a big ask for Ardern - a rookie Prime Minister who only got there because a vindictive Winston Peters held a personal grudge against National.  He put himself before the wishes of voters - who clearly picked National.

Now, I wouldn't be surprised if voters send Peters into oblivion on election night. Although, in saying that, without him this lot may have made worse calls and showed even poorer judgement.

It's been an inexperienced, naive and at times lazy Government. Bold and transformational were the promises - barely there on some days was the reality.

This has not been a popular experiment but Ardern has a few things on her side. She controls the money and there are billions to play with.

Incumbency is a powerful weapon, so is her smile and empathy - so you can't write her off.

 She has friends and if Peters and the Greens are there, she may just do it.

Yes, Simon Bridges improves everyday, but his personal polling is far too low if he wants to take office. His greatest strength is the National ticket itself.

 His greatest weakness is that he can't count to 61.

 His political friends are in the wilderness - Act and the Māori Party offer what? One seat? Maybe two? He needs friends and fast.

Let the factual and transparent hunger games begin.

Duncan Garner is host of The AM Show