Jacinda Ardern hailed as a 'G' for helping man open beer

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is a "f**kin G", according to man whose beer she helped open at an airport Koru Lounge recently.

Twitter user Javed, who tweets under the handle @PastTenseOfJav, said on Wednesday night he "grabbed a beer at the airport", but had nothing to open it with.

"A lady's pouring herself a wine, I wait cause the bottle opener's front of her. Mid-pour, without even looking, she hands me the opener," he said.

"I say thanks, crack my beer, look up. Turns out that lady was our whole ass Prime Minister. What a f**kin G."

'G' is slang for 'gangsta', which according to Javed himself in a later tweet "can be used in place of mate, bro etc".

Javed's tweet.
Javed's tweet. Photo credit: PastTenseOfJav/Twitter

Responding to other Twitter users, Javed said Ardern's pass was "pro as hell" and he was very impressed.

He also expressed embarrassment when followers figured out he must have been in a Koru Lounge, saying it was "bad for my Roskill cred".

It's not clear which airport the incident happened at. A spokesperson for the Prime Minister confirmed it did happen, but declined to say where.

The tweet has been liked more than 6000 times as of Thursday morning.

National MP Judith Collins mocked coverage of the incident in a tweet.

"First meeting of the day and someone really famous hands me a bottle opener!! Apparently, this is the way to get a story," she wrote on her Twitter account on Thursday morning.

It's not the first time Ardern has helped out a Kiwi in need. In April last year, she came to the rescue of a woman in the supermarket who'd forgotten her purse "because she was a mum".