Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern graces cover of Time Magazine

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has given a poignant interview to Time Magazine marking almost a year on from the Christchurch shootings.

A portrait of Ardern will be the cover image for the magazine which will commemorate the anniversary of the massacre. 

Time Magazine released a teaser of the front cover on Friday morning.

"Know us by our deeds" reads a large quote next to the portrait of the Prime Minister. 

"A year after Christchurch, Jacinda Ardern has the world's attention. How will she use it?" reads the subheading. 

The magazine will hit shelves March 2.
The magazine will hit shelves March 2. Photo credit: TIME Magazine

On March 15 a gunman stormed the Al Noor and Linwood Mosques in Christchurch and opened fire, killing 51 worshippers. The live-streamed attack left New Zealand reeling. 

The article is a look into the attack itself, the aftermath and how Ardern responded.

It's author Belinda Luscombe describes Ardern's "revolutionary management" in times of crisis. 

"Ardern's real gift is her ability to articulate a form of leadership that embodies strength and sanity, while also pushing an agenda of compassion and community."

In the interview Ardern speaks of how she struggled with the victim identification process.

"I cannot overstate how difficult I found [the process]" she is quoted as saying.

Islamic tradition calls for bodies to be buried within 24 hours of death.

"I felt that pressure every single hour that we still had those loved ones' bodies in the state's care." 

The formal identification process took more than a week. 

"New Zealand isn't the first country to have a mass shooting," writes Luscombe in the lengthy article.

"But Ardern was the first to move enough chess pieces among the public, governments and industry to offer the beginnings of a coherent international response to a problem against which traditional power structures have proved ineffective."

The article touches on the Whaakari/White Island tragedy, the coronavirus epidemic, Ardern's global fame and what her plans are after she is no longer Prime Minister.

It will be on shelves March 2 and available until March 16.