Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern needs to 'grow some balls' and reveal how she will vote in cannabis referendum says Duncan Garner

Duncan Garner says the Prime Minister's refusal to reveal how she will vote in the cannabis referendum is a "pathetic cop-out".

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has remained tight-lipped on cannabis reform, not confirming if she personally supports it or not.

"I reckon this is a pathetic cop-out from the Prime Minister," said Garner on Wednesday.

"It was her Government who put this on the country's agenda, it was her call and then she comes on this program and won't tell us what her view is.

"You're a leader - have a view and grow some balls".

The latest Newshub-Reid Research Poll showed support for the legalisation of cannabis has dropped since June last year with more people now saying they don't know if they will support the cause.

"That speaks volumes about the confusion," political editor Tova O'Brien told The AM Show.

That confusion has spread to Government with MPs seeming unsure if the legislation will be adopted as a Government Bill or a conscience vote. 

The Prime Minister's refusal to reveal her vote is strange says O'Brien.

"She's willing to speak on most things except this," she told The AM Show.

"It's not like New Zealanders need to know which way Jacinda Ardern will vote to make their own decision but the fact that she's willing to weigh in on most things, except this, speaks to the fact there's a lot of hangover taboo around this topic."

In December 2019, Justice Minister Andrew Little revealed the proposed recreational cannabis scheme that will be put to New Zealanders at a referendum alongside the September 2020 general election.

 A draft of the Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill suggested a minimum purchase age of 20, a ban on marketing or advertising cannabis products and not allowing consumption in public areas.