Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern praised for 'legendary' Instagram response

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern praised for 'legendary' Instagram response
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Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is being praised on social media for her response to a negative comment.

On Wednesday Ardern posted a picture of her Prime Minister's statement on Instagram saying she would deliver the 20-minute speech in Parliament.

The post drew more than 200 comments but one of them caught the Prime Minister's eye.

"Please just leave. Don't ruin NZ's economy anymore," one person commented.

Ardern responded swiftly.

"Is that a reference to the low unemployment levels we've achieved, high wage growth, the decrease in debt or the solid GDP growth at 2.7 percent?"

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern praised for 'legendary' Instagram response
Photo credit: Instagram,/Jacinda Ardern

According to Stats NZ unemployment in New Zealand is currently sitting at 4 percent, down from 4.3 percent in 2018.

Stats NZ also said wage growth has hit a 10-year-high.

Health care workers' wages are up 4.9 percent, public administration and safety are up 5.3 percent and retail workers are up 4.2 percent. 

"This is the highest percentage of wages that have seen increases since September 2008," said business prices delivery manager Bryan Downes last week.

Stats NZ also confirmed Ardern's claim of solid GDP growth showing it has increased by 2.7 percent since September last year.

A Newsroom report from 2019 confirms net debt has decreased. Net debt dropped to $57.7 billion, far below the forecast of $60.3 billion.

But National has criticised Labour for what it says is slow growth in GDP.

"It isn't good enough, and is a sharp decline from the three to four percent growth New Zealand was experiencing under National," said National's finance spokesperson Paul Goldsmith on Wednesday. 

Despite the criticism, Instagram users were impressed not only with Ardern's quick response but with her work as Prime Minister.

"Ignore the haters. You're doing really well. Well done and keep up the hard work!" one person wrote.

Ardern also drew compliments from further afield, with commenters from the US, Iran and Canada saying how much they appreciate her.

"Greetings from the US. I'm so very impressed with your kind intelligent leadership and transparency," said one user.

"Really wish the UK had a PM like you," said another.