Search for Heather: Jacinda Ardern wants to find 'kind' Papanui woman who helped find mosque victim

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is searching for a "kind" woman called Heather from Papanui who helped a woman locate her husband who was killed in the March 15 terror attack. 

The Prime Minister visited Lautoka Mosque in Fiji on Thursday to acknowledge the three Fijian victims of the Christchurch shootings, including imam Hafiz Musa Patel, who Ardern described as "deeply connected to the mosque". 

Speaking to reporters in Fiji, Ardern said she caught up with the imam's wife, who recounted the events leading up to their meeting in Christchurch after the attack. 

"There was a particular woman, who amongst many helped [Patel's wife] on the morning after the terrorist attack," Ardern said, calling her 'Mrs Patel'. 

"Her name was Heather and she was from Papanui and she drove Mrs Patel around Christchurch helping to find her husband with her.

"Mrs Patel would like to find Heather from Papanui, and I said that, being New Zealand and being the community that we are, I'm sure that we can find her and pass on her deep gratitude."

Ardern said Heather offered to drive Patel's wife around Christchurch until she found a crowd of people "because she thought that she would find information amongst that crowd", and that is where she met the Prime Minister. 

"So, to Heather from Papanui, thank you for embodying the New Zealand spirit of generosity and kindness that we saw in the moments after that attack and I hope we can reunite you with Mrs Patel," Ardern said. 

In her speech at the mosque, Ardern paid tribute to the other two Fijian victims of the attack: Ashraf Ali Razat and Ashraf Ali.

"They were yours. And now they are part of us," Ardern said. 

"Our love goes out to their family and friends, and to all of you, their Muslim brothers and sisters who have been left with painful memories to this day."