Coronavirus: Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern condemns cafes, bars staying open despite alert level increase

The Prime Minister has condemned restaurants, cafes and bars that have remained open despite New Zealand's impending coronavirus lockdown.

On Monday afternoon, Jacinda Ardern announced New Zealand's coronavirus alert level had been escalated from level 2 to 3. Alert level 3 requires all public venues to close.

This is in preparation for the country to head to level 4 on Wednesday - a near-total lockdown, with people urged to stay in their homes.

During a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, the Prime Minister was asked whether people should already be staying home, and what she thought about people out that morning getting coffee.

"What was the name of the cafe?" she asked.

"I'll get a name after [the press conference]. Alert level 3 means no restaurants, no bars. The Medical Officer of Health should be paying a visit [to the cafe]."

Ardern stressed all public venues should already have shut down, and pleaded with the public to act as though level 4 was already upon them.

"Contact should be limited."