Police Commissioner Mike Bush reveals how many returned to New Zealand on first day of lockdown

Police Commissioner Mike Bush has revealed that 360 people arrived in New Zealand on day one of the country's four-week COVID-19 lockdown. 

Bush said 160 people have arrived back in New Zealand with no self-isolation plan, and anyone showing symptoms will be forced to go to hotels the Government has commissioned to force them into self-isolation.  

He said those who do have a self-isolation plan must be picked up by one person only, and that in three days they will be visited by a police officer to ensure they are self-isolating. 

Bush said everyone who arrived in the country has been greeted by various officials from Customs, Immigration and the police, and then "triaged" or taken away to quarantine. 

"The process works like this: if you have any symptoms, you will be taken by health people to a place of quarantine. We have a number of hotel locations approximate to Auckland Airport – they will be taken there," Bush said. 

Eight of the arrivals to New Zealand had symptoms that needed to be looked at and have been put into quarantine, Bush said, and they will stay in those hotels. 

"If you have a plan and a place to go, we will help you get there. If you have friends picking you up, only one person can pick you up, otherwise we will facilitate that for you."

It follows Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's directive on Wednesday that every arrival to New Zealand will now be screened and could be forced into quarantine if they show COVID-19 symptoms. 

Bush said if people don't comply with the lockdown measures that came into effect on Wednesday, police have the authority to detain them and "put them somewhere that will allow the to contemplate their decisions".

Serious breaches and prolific breaches will be prosecuted. Bush said obstructing police, for example, could result in three to six months in prison. 

Bush was joined at the press conference in Wellington by director-general of health Dr Ashley Bloomfield, who confirmed 78 new cases of COVID-19 in New Zealand, bringing the total to 283.