Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's harsh 'zero tolerance' message to tourists refusing to self-isolate

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says she has "zero tolerance" for anyone who is not self-isolating after entering New Zealand.

Border restrictions introduced last week to control the spread of COVID-19 require anyone who enters New Zealand to isolate themselves for 14 days. The only exception to this rule is people arriving from the Pacific islands. 

The Prime Minister confirmed on Monday anyone who flouted these rules could be deported.

"Cabinet has been approved for temporary visa holders to be liable for detention and deportation if they do not comply with instructions," Ardern told media.

Ardern says anyone who is deported from New Zealand will face "serious and on-going consequences".

"[There is] a high likelihood of being turned down for future visa applications here and in many other countries."

Her warning comes after two tourists told Newshub on Monday morning they did not intend to self-isolate and would continue travelling around the country in a campervan.

They said they would try and keep their distance but would be taking no serious measures.

"A message and warning for anyone who visits here - We will look after you if you look after us," said Ardern.

"But if you come here with no intention of self-isolating then frankly you are not welcome and you should leave before you are deported."