Are we being kind enough to beneficiaries?

The Government's economic relief plan has been described as the most significant peace-time economic plan in modern New Zealand history, but what about those struggling on benefits? 

Minister for Social Development Carmel Sepuloni announced a permanent raise to benefits of $25 per week, but advocates argue it's not enough. 

Ricardo Menendez-March of AAAP says many families are going without food and keeping to the COVID-19 lockdown rules is virtually impossible. 

Sepuloni told The Hui people panic-buying early on had meant beneficiaries missed out on cheaper food products. She was confident about 90 percent of those applying for food grants had been accepted.

But Menendez-March said the kindness extended to employers and employees was not being extended to low income families and beneficiaries.

Last week 7000 New Zealanders moved from employment to a benefit when asked whether the newly unemployed would be expected to seek work, the minister said the Government won't be "unfair or irrational".

Watch the video for The Hui's full interview with Carmel Sepuloni.