Coronavirus: Businesses crying out for Government to step in against commercial landlords

Businesses are crying out for the Government to step in and stop landlords hiking their rent.

While residential rents are frozen, the Government hasn't made rules for commercial businesses - instead relying on the goodwill of landlords.

Brad Jacobs is the director of The Coffee Club. But with 66 cafes across the country, he's not happy with how some of his landlords are acting.

While the Government has asked commercial landlords to act with compassion - and some have - it hasn't actually made any rules.

The lack of rules means unlike the residential sector, it's totally legal to increase rents.

One business owner, who Newshub will refer to as 'Des' because he's scared his landlord will retaliate, had his rent increased by nearly 15 percent. He wants the Government to step up fast.

The Prime Minister was visually displeased when Newshub put Des' situation to her on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, Finance Minister Grant Robertson will announce the long-awaited commercial rent rules.

Newshub understands it will be something around the timeframes under which leases can be cancelled.

But there was no indication from the Government on Tuesday that it'd match the rent freeze it's put on homes.