Coronavirus: Jacinda Ardern's 'incredible', 'down to earth' leadership praised after viral video

Footage from the Prime Minister's Tuesday press conference has gone viral, with praise for Ardern's "incredible", "civilised", "down to earth" leadership in comparison to other world leaders.

Joyce Karam, a Washington correspondent for media outlet The National, shared on Twitter a clip from Ardern's Tuesday press conference in which she shows concern for NZME reporter Jason Walls. 

When Ardern gestured towards Walls to ask a question, the reporter, who was busy filing another one of her responses, was briefly thrown, saying: "Sorry, it doesn't matter". Ardern then replied that she would come back to him.

"I do worry about your sleep at the moment, though Jason," she said.

The snippet has gone viral on Twitter, with more than 60,000 views. Karam, who mistakenly called Walls Justin, said that at a time when journalists in the United States were "under attack" by that country's leader and reporters in authoritarian states have been expelled or censored "it's heartening to see civlity in leadership". 

Other's on the social media platform have also acknowledged Ardern's leadership.

"Our PM (and all our ministers) have been very down to earth, open and honest. Very refreshing after watching some news conferences!" one person said.

"Wait, what? A politician that treats others with respect? And in return gets the same? What is NZ? A functioning democracy? Crazy!" another said.

"Jacinda handles whatever is thrown at her - Pandemics, Terrorist Mosque attacks, Tourist-killing exploding volcanos, with kindness, compassion, grace, intelligence and integrity. Talking to a bunch of Aussies last night, they asked to be annexed to NZ!," a third said.

Many wished Ardern was leading their nations through the pandemic, while others are thinking of moving to New Zealand.

"Jacinda Ardern is the leader we need in the U.S. I so wish she were our president," one person said.

"I LOVE her! I think New Zealand deserves a look as a possible home/2nd home," another added.

"You can't have her, she's ours and doing incredible things to support and care for our country. She has earned and deserves the utmost of respect. NZ is truly grateful, oh btw, no swapsies, we don't want Trump, he wouldn't even get through our borders!" a user said.

Walls has since reported he has taken a couple of days off and had "plenty of sleep."