Coronavirus: Kiwis stuck overseas desperate for Government help to get home

Kiwi travellers stuck overseas during the pandemic are desperate for the Government to help get them home. 

Coronavirus border closures happened so fast most Kiwis didn't have time to book flights, and those who did were bumped off at the last minute.

Now, they don't know when or how they'll be able to get back to New Zealand.

"It's gutting actually, the first time in my life I haven't liked being a Kiwi," Leonie Syke says.

Sykes and her Australian husband are the last two guests at their hotel in Peru - the other tourists have already left on repatriation flights.

"Just feeling a bit stranded and a bit let down really and I think New Zealand could do better," she says.

They're just two of many more stranded Kiwis.

Jonny Archibald was supposed to fly back home to Queenstown tomorrow, but instead he's looking for new accommodation.

"We've been spending a lot in various hostels and everywhere we're staying prices don't seem to be cut there, you're still paying full price for a nightly rate," he says.

"At this stage, it doesn't sound like there's going to be any flights heading back to NZ or any land transport put up by the NZ government to get us to place like Lima near an airport in the hope that a flight may come in."

Nearly 6000 people have already signed the petition Elisabeth Gordon started to bring her little sister Naomi Courtney-Tennent home.

"All the communication that we've seen has come too late or it's been inaccurate," she says.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade says it's helping 24,000 Kiwis stuck overseas, including around 70 in Peru - the largest consular response the New Zealand government has ever undertaken.

But a lack of clear communication has many feeling forgotten.

"It feels like we're sort of out of sight, out of mind at the moment," Courtney-Tennent says.

"I understand they've got bigger things on their plate but we're Kiwis too and we want to join the fight against COVID at home."

Stuck overseas, desperate for help, and with no idea of when they'll eventually make it home.