Coronavirus: More praise for Jacinda Ardern as Whoopi Goldberg jumps on the bandwagon

Jacinda Ardern's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic has received more praise out of the US - this time from TV show host Whoopi Goldberg.

In a video last week for her show The View, the actress and comedian heaped praise on Ardern as well as St Maartens Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs.

"Female leaders around the world like St Maartens Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs and New Zealand's Jacinda Ardern have been voices of reason who have taken decisive action during this pandemic," Goldberg said before playing snippets of the two leaders in action.

"My question is, why can't the United States embrace female leadership like other countries do?"

Goldberg's comments come on the back of widespread positive media coverage of Ardern's performance, particularly in the US.

"I will say the Prime Minister of New Zealand has been a really fascinating person for me to watch," The View co-host Meghan McCain said in response to Goldberg.

"Jacinda Ardern, she was actually one of the first people to lock down her country.

"She's been a really interesting role model for me just on a personal level because I'm looking towards a lot of women like that who are strong and independent."

Last week, US magazine The Atlantic also praised Ardern for her handling of the pandemic and earlier in the month, CNN also turned its spotlight to New Zealand and its Prime Minister.

The Washington Post has also written of Ardern's "notably apolitical" response to the pandemic.