Health Minister David Clark moves house during COVID-19 lockdown

Newshub can reveal Health Minister David Clark continued moving house during alert level 4 lockdown, shifting boxes when the rest of New Zealand was told they were not allowed.

It follows two breaches of his Government's lockdown rules: he was caught mountain biking - a forbidden activity - and driving 20km to the beach for a walk with his family when Kiwis weren't allowed to drive for recreation. 

Dr Clark's new house was just down the road from his former residence, and the bulk of the relocating, including shifting his family and hiring a moving truck for heavy furniture, took place just before the lockdown began.

But it speaks of one set of rules for the Health Minister and another set of rules for all other New Zealanders. 

Dr Clark's rules for lockdown were crystal clear: parties can only move house under extreme circumstances and exercising extreme caution. 

The Government's COVID-19 website states: "Many New Zealanders in the process of buying and selling a house will be affected by the response to COVID-19. For example, the requirements of Alert Level 4 mean that people can't move into or out of their houses." 

The Health Minister's office told Newshub he was using the old place as an office, so he would shift some things when he returned home. 

But other New Zealanders weren't allowed to do that. 

"Stay home, save lives" - that's what New Zealanders were told. 

In fact, some people who tried to move house during the lockdown were issued warnings by police. 

The Prime Minister's Office says its view is that it's not outside the rules and is issuing a statement shortly.