Coronavirus: Jacinda Ardern answers Kiwis' questions on what's changing, and what isn't, under alert level 2

From how hairdressers and tattoo artists can operate, to the three 'S' rules in restaurants, to what isn't changing, there's a lot to know about what life under alert level 2 will look like.

The Prime Minister outlined the general principles in a press conference on Thursday, but also shared a Facebook Live in the evening recapping many of the key points.

"Just really the important top-line messages are that people can reopen and return to work with only really a handful of things that aren't able to operate as they usually would at level 2," she told viewers.

"For the most part, we are still saying to people to try keep your distance, when you are out and about and you are passing strangers in the street, stick to keeping those couple of metres between you. 

"Those have been designed in case someone is sick and isn't following the rules of staying at home, that if you are in close proximity to them then that's a problem because if someone is unwell it's much easier for them to spread it to you if they are close."

Among the topics Kiwis asked about was personal protective equipment for hairdressers, accessing heaters, how tattoo artists can operate, and sport.

Watch the Facebook Live above, but remember New Zealand remains under alert level 3 at the moment.

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