Coronavirus: Jacinda Ardern reaction to hearing zero new COVID-19 cases

Jacinda Ardern has acknowledged the hard work of New Zealanders after no new COVID-19 cases were revealed on Monday, but says she's "a perfectionist" and there's still work to do.

Although the Ministry of Health confirmed there were no new cases, one probable case was reclassified as confirmed. However, this doesn't affect the overall number of confirmed and probable cases and the total remains at 1487.

The Prime Minister says zero new cases is a reflection of the work Kiwis are putting into lockdown, but she wants to see consistently low numbers each day.

"First I heard the zero, and then I heard the one confirmed and the fact that it was transferred from a probable," she said during a press conference on Monday.

"I'm a perfectionist. I want to see those numbers after we've been in alert level 3 for long enough for it to be a reflection of alert level 3."

She says time will tell whether level 3 is having a positive impact on case numbers.

"This is the waiting room, this is where we check if we're recovering well and we've got it right. We need a few more days to check that we have."

Of the total 1487 cases, 1137 are confirmed. No further deaths were announced on Monday, meaning the total still stands at 20.