COVID-19: Why Winston Peters is adamant a trans-Tasman bubble will work

Winston Peters is adamant a trans-Tasman bubble would work, as Jacinda Ardern prepares to join a meeting with Australia state leaders on Tuesday.

Discussions will take place via a video conference call with Prime Minister Ardern to join her Australian counterpart Scott Morrison to discuss the trans-Tasman bubble prospect.

The idea is to have travel between Australia and New Zealand without the current two-week quarantine - originally thought of by Peters, the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

Australia has also expressed interest in the idea within the past week.

Peters told Magic Talk's Peter Williams on Tuesday that Australia's fight against COVID-19 had been markedly similar to New Zealand's.

"It is so similar that we can actually have two populations as one and if you see it that way, as regional transportation begins in New Zealand what is to stop us from having transportation from Australia?"

He said, however, the concept would require the two countries having "almost identical" systems in terms of health and border security measures.

Winston Peters.
Winston Peters. Photo credit: Newshub.

"If we can align the two in consultation then we can see ourselves as part of one population for the purposes of inter-country travel."    

Morrison told reporters last week that "if there's any country in the world with whom we can reconnect with first, undoubtedly that's New Zealand".

Peters said the big picture had to be taken into consideration.

"Our measurements need to be the same but at 20 deaths New Zealand has done extraordinarily in our circumstances.

"You've got to change our thinking and think outside the square and really fast in the interests of economic recovery.

"Look at our populations as one given our attack [against COVID-19] looks like it's very very similar. Let's marry up any deficiencies we might have," said Peters.