Election 2020: Deputy Prime Minister Winston Peters slams 'mythical, idiotic, stupid' polls

Winston Peters says it's "extraordinary" the media is asking him if he'd enter a coalition with The National Party with Todd Muller at the helm, after recent poll results showed his party wouldn't return to Parliament after September's election.

Last week's Newshub-Reid Research Poll had New Zealand First at 2.7 percent - down 0.9 percent and nowhere near the threshold needed to return to the House.

Asked by Magic Talk's Peter Williams if he was more amenable to working with National now there's been a leadership change Peters said, "What an extraordinary question".

Earlier this year, outgoing leader Simon Bridges said he didn't believe The National Party could work with New Zealand First but after rolling him on Friday, Muller wouldn't rule out working with Peters.

"You and your colleagues, and the polling experts, all say that the [National coalition] question is irrelevant but they keep asking me that question you've just asked," said Peters, responding to Williams' question on Magic Talk earlier.

"How do they square that with their regard or disrespect for where New Zealand First sits in this country?

"You've just repeated the mythical, idiotic, stupid poll - which we all know is that." 

Peters wasn't the only leader to get grim news in last week's polling - hence a leadership change on Friday for The National Party, which was polling at 30.6 percent.

If New Zealand First was to reach the five percent threshold, Peters said no decision would be made about a potential coalition until after the election.

"Unlike all the rest, we leave it to the voter - we think it's paramount here to decide what the Parliamentary numbers are and then we can decide, having the facts in front of us, who we go with," he told Magic Talk.