Jacinda Ardern appears to hold back laughter talking about World Hand Hygiene Day

Jacinda Ardern appeared to hold back laughter while acknowledging World Hand Hygiene Day during the daily Ministry of Health press conference.

Director-General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield spoke before the Prime Minister and said the day is "very apposite" at this time.

"I also should point out that every day at the moment should be World Hand Hygiene Day. It's a very important reminder today of the importance of what is a very simple action that prevents passing on any infection, but in particular, at the moment it greatly reduces the risk of passing on the COVID-19 infection," Dr Bloomfield said on Tuesday.

Ardern followed Dr Bloomfield by first recognising World Midwives' Day, and then briefly speaking about World Hand Hygiene Day.

"Also, of course, [I want to acknowledge] World Hand Washing Day as well," she says, appearing to hold back laughter.

Watch the full clip above.