Mark Richardson's bizarre theory why Simon Bridges polled so low

Proud National Party supporter Mark Richardson has revealed his odd theory on why Simon Bridges' popularity has plummeted in the polls.

A Newshub Reid Research poll shows just 4.5 percent of Kiwis want Bridges as Prime Minister while current Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has become the most popular leader in a century.

But Richardson told The AM Show the damning results are National supporters "warning" Bridges. 

"I think there's been an element of discontent about Bridges for some time and I think that a lot of National party members have fired a warning shot across National's bow," he said. 

Richardson said he had heard the message loud and clear and intends to "fight" for National voters.

"I'll fight for your businesses. I'll fight for your family's future. I'll fight for your homes, I'll fight for your farms. I'll fight for your right to employ those who can't employ themselves. 

"Stay safe. Stay smart. And stay blue."

While Richardson says it's National voters sending a message, Bridges blames his popularity plummet on being frozen out of any coverage for months during the COVID-19 lockdown. 

"We've seen lockdown wall to wall coverage of the Government," he told Newshub.

When Bridges did make headlines it was often for the wrong reasons, such as a Facebook post with tens of thousands of negative comments.

But Bridges doesn't see himself going anywhere.

He told Newshub he "absolutely" will be National leader come the September 19 election.

"We don't talk about our internal polls but we are where we are right now - polls jump around."