National Party source reveals who Todd Muller wants in campaign team

New Zealand will find out tomorrow who's in the new-look National team.

Todd Muller's making 55 phone calls to let the caucus know who's in and who's out before he makes it public.

But Newshub understands he's eyeing up key senior MPs to lead his campaign team.

Senior MPs Amy Adams and Judith Collins along with ambitious young guns Chris Bishop and Nicola Willis - all around the campaign committee table with Muller.

Gerry Brownlee would act as campaign chair and Muller wants Amy Adams in charge of policy.

Political commentator Matthew Hooton would work on overall communications and party  messages.

Muller wouldn't confirm it which means he may not yet have locked them in.

"There are a number of people who have put their hand up to be involved and in time we will be able say what that looks like," Muller told Newshub.

National's path to election day had been all mapped out by former deputy leader Paula Bennett and she's nowhere to be seen on this team - it's out with the old and in with the not-so-new campaign plan.

"We had a campaign that was in good shape, but of course we needed to tweak it from a leadership perspective," Muller told Newshub.

They could need more than a 'tweak' to win and former leader Simon Bridges ruled out working with New Zealand First.

That stands for now but could change before September 19.

"There is nothing more to say. This could just keep going around in circles, the caucus position is clear," Muller told Newshub.

But with NZ First polling badly -  well below the 5 percent it needs - MP Shane Jones isn't ruling out coming to National's aid.

"After the voters have determined whether or not it's appropriate for us to return to Parliament, then many options lie available for New Zealand First," Jones told Newshub.

Options that could now include a Muller-led National. But that won't be enough to convince the Greens.

"It would be hard to argue, if given the choice, why we would switch for supporting a Labour-led Government - with whom we've made enormous progress over the past three years - to supporting a National-led Government," co-leader James Shaw told Newshub.

But first it's the Muller-led National that needs to be locked in for the election campaign.