New National Party leader Todd Muller responds to Chlöe Swarbrick's 'OK Boomer' jab

It's been more than six months since Chlöe Swarbrick's famous "OK Boomer" jab at a National MP in Parliament.

Most people probably didn't know that the MP on the receiving end was Todd Muller who, as of Friday, is the new leader of The National Party.

Swarbrick, a Green MP, used the phrase after Muller disputed her claim the average age of Parliament is 49. Video of the exchange immediately went viral and the phrase, in recent times, has been widely used throughout the world.

On Friday night, The Project hosts put Muller to the test - asking him whether he was, or wasn't a boomer. It turns out the Bay of Plenty MP has a sense of humour.

"I am only 51 - I was so deeply offended that she thought I was the next generation," he joked. "I mean, look at me, seriously, I"m clearly at the prime of my life for my 52nd year."

And the jokes kept coming - all of which Muller took with a giant of salt.

"Now Todd, today you said you were catholic but you only have three children. How catholic are you really?" host Josh Thompson asked.

"That's very good," Muller replied after a chuckle. "It's important to me - my faith is very important to me but I haven't ticked all the boxes."

Asked by Thompson if he had any parenting advice, Muller's response was a simple, "heck no".

"All I can say is, what I thought I knew about being a parent before they were born - completely different now." 

Watch the full interview with new National Party leader Todd Muller above.