New National Party leader Todd Muller's favourite things

Todd Muller and some of the things he likes.
Todd Muller and some of the things he likes. Photo credit: Getty/Warner Bros

New National leader Todd Muller is aware he's not very well-known amongst the public. 

He told Magic Talk's Sunday Cafe he's spent most of his time in politics working in rural areas, so understands why city folk might not know his name - or how to pronounce it.

"In those communities I'm pretty well-known, but you're quite right - in some of the urban cities of the country, they haven't heard of me. Didn't really know how to say my last name until I put them right." 

Sunday Cafe host Roman Travers asked Muller some quick-fire questions to find out more about the man who wants to be Prime Minister.

Favourite politician of all-time

Abraham Lincoln

Most-admired local politician

Bill English 

"I thought he was a remarkable politician."


"Pork crackling on the top, I love that, and apple crumble and cream for dessert."

Apple crumble.
Apple crumble. Photo credit: Getty

Favourite overseas destination


"Cambodia. I went there 30 years ago and it was quite extraordinary."

Favourite movie

The Green Mile

Favourite sport


Favourite music

U2 and Dire Straits 

"Look at me, [I'm] old. You'll call me 'OK Boomer' shortly."

(Muller was the MP whose interjection prompted Chloe Swarbrick's infamous 'OK Boomer' quip that made headlines around the world.)

Bono from U2.
Bono from U2. Photo credit: Getty


"My close friend actually has a Mustang, and he's on the same street and I hear it park up every day and I have a sense of ooh, I'd love one of those."

Does he want to change the flag?

Yes, but don't expect a referendum. 

"I'd like it to change, but it's just, I mean, you know, you had a vote to get it done, it didn't work. Can you imagine saying you think that's important?"