New Zealand First MP Tracey Martin says Labour shouldn't rely on support in upcoming election

New Zealand First MP Tracey Martin has said Labour should not count on her party's support in the upcoming election.

In an interview with Newshub Nation on Saturday Martin said the vote could go either way. 

"We put forward our policies, we get the percentage of votes that we can and we sit down with both parties and we go through our commonalities. How much of us can we get down that pathway that NZ First voters voted for?" said Martin. 

She says that pathway is the best placed it's been in years thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

"Every decision which needs to be made by whatever coalition Government is in power is about putting New Zealand first - jobs, income, healthcare, protecting people from COVID. Everything is about putting New Zealand First."

However, she admits that with Todd Muller now the leader of the National Party instead of Simon Bridges, she sees "more trust".

"For me, going into a negotiation, if Todd Muller is the person sitting on the other side of the table I know him more, I see more trust."

But that's not a dig at Simon Bridges, she clarified.

"I didn't sit across the table from Simon Bridges; he wasn't in the negotiating room."

Despite the added trust in National with Muller leading, Martin warns that neither party should get complacent. 

"Labour and National need to realise nothing is a given with New Zealand First."