The economy, housing and welfare: The questions Kiwis want Todd Muller to answer

National Party leader Todd Muller.
National Party leader Todd Muller. Photo credit: Getty Images

New National Party leader Todd Muller is set to have his first Facebook Live question and answer session on Tuesday night, and Kiwis have put forth what they want to know about his "vision for New Zealand".

Ahead of the 7:30pm livestream, he asked his Facebook followers if they had any questions for him to answer.

Watch his livestream here:

Many Kiwis want to know if he has a post-COVID-19 economic plan to help pay down the debt the Government took on, and if and how New Zealanders will be trained-up so there isn't a large skills shortage.

Also on the pandemic, commenters want to know how he'll encourage investment, particularly in the primary sector, to assist with the economic recovery.

The Government's new Income Relief Payments also appear to be on a lot of people's minds, with one person hoping Muller will address his thoughts on it supposedly creating a two-tier welfare system. Similarly, there's concern from one person who wants Muller to ensure that protecting the welfare state doesn't diminish economic development.

Questions on housing also pop up frequently. There appear to be concerns around affordability for first-home buyers and people building homes. One person wants National to look into why it's "so much more expensive" to build a home in New Zealand compared to Australia, and hopes potential findings will be published so they public can know why.

Muller also told Q+A on Monday night he would lift the ban on new oil and gas exploration permits. This prompted worries from one Facebook commenter on how he would balance the environmental concerns while supporting this industry.

He'll have to face-off with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in the lead-up to the General Election, inciting one person to ask what strategies he'll develop to "overturn" her and the Government.

More generally, commenters want to know how he'll make New Zealand the best country to live and settle in.