Todd Muller's first speech as leader of The National Party summarised: What he's promising to bring to the table

Todd Muller says his key focus as the new leader of The National Party will be the post-pandemic economic recovery in New Zealand.

Muller is adamant the party is as unified as ever after he pushed Simon Bridges from the top job through a caucus vote on Friday.

In delivering his first speech as leader of The National Party after the meeting, Muller said New Zealand had made "many sacrifices" over the past few months.

"Now we must begin taking another step forward together with confidence - the confidence to rebuild our country, to rebuild our economy, and to restore the livelihoods of New Zealanders," he told reporters.

"My absolute focus as The National Party leader will be New Zealand's economic recovery.

"We will save jobs, we will get the economy growing again, and we will do so by leveraging our country's great strengths; our people, our communities, our great natural resources, our values of hard work, tenacity, innovation, and aspiration."

Todd Muller.
Todd Muller. Photo credit: Getty

Muller is promising to bring his experience from past roles in business - including a stint at an executive level with Fonterra and general manager of kiwifruit exporter Zespri.

The result of Muller's leadership, he said, will result in a change to the economy - what he's calling "your economy".

"This election will be about the economy but not the economy the bureaucracy talks about," he said. "It'll be the economy you live in - the economy in your community.

"For too long this economy - your economy, and your life - has been invisible to decision-makers in Wellington. This must change."

Muller - far from a household name until now perhaps - told the media his focus would be on "what's best for you and your family".

"I'm about ideas that get results," he said.

"Will I criticise the Government? Absolutely, but ultimately values and ideas are what ground me."

He said The National Party will meet the challenges New Zealand faces post-pandemic.

Muller's first speech as leader at a glance - what he's promising:

  • Economic recovery - deliver "your economy"
  • Save jobs
  • Restore livelihoods
  • Bring his experience in past roles to leadership
  • Focus on "what's best for you and your family"
  • Produce ideas that get results
  • Criticise the Government - through National values and ideas
  • Meet the post-pandemic challenges.