ACT ranks gun advocate Nicole McKee high on party list for 2020 election

ACT has given one of the country's most prominent gun advocates a high ranking on its party list, released on Sunday.

Nicole McKee, head of the Council of Licenced Firearms Owners, will stand for the right-wing party in Rongotai, a safe Labour seat currently held by Labour's Paul Eagle.

Since the Christchurch shooting last year, McKee has frequently appeared in the media to criticise the Government's gun reforms.

"I do not believe that emotive and rushed legislation that adversely affects those it is intended to support is viable," she said on Sunday.

"Our laws should be rooted in policies that recognise our democratic rights to think, to speak and to behave in a legal and unobstructed way. I am standing for ACT because our principles not only promote freedom to live within the law but also efficient policies while treating everyone as equal."

Party leader David Seymour is ranked first, followed by deputy Brooke van Velden, who said on Sunday she used to vote Green before studying economics at the University of Auckland.

"The ability for free markets to lift countries from hardship was a revelation for me."

In the past few elections, who's appeared on the ACT list below the leader has almost been a moot point - the party's only won enough support to bring in a single MP since 2011. 

But recent polls have suggested the party could bring in three or four this election, provided Seymour wins the seat of Epsom again. 

"Since the last election our membership has tripled and we are now standing 56 candidates, up from 42 last time," said Seymour. 

Nicole McKee.
Nicole McKee. Photo credit: The AM Show

Fourth on the list is Chris Baillie, "a small business owner, full-time secondary school teacher, former policeman of 14 years" who's into jazz.

"I believe in personal responsibility and personal freedom, in particular the right to free speech, and believe that less bureaucratic and government intervention in our lives is the way forward for New Zealand," said Baillie.

Fifth is Simon Court, a civil and environmental engineer with a keen interest in getting rid of the Resource Management Act, and sixth is James McDowall, who describes himself as "sceptical of big government" and enjoys shooting pistols.

ACT's second candidate named David Seymour, standing in Whangarei, has been ranked 19th. 

"No party in history has tried the strategy of having two David Seymours as candidates, we think this could go really well," the ACT Party leader told RNZ earlier this month. 

ACT's full list for the 2020 election

  1. David Seymour
  2. Brooke Van Velden
  3. Nicole McKee
  4. Chris Baillie
  5. Simon Court
  6. James McDowall
  7. Karen Chhour
  8. Mark Cameron
  9. Stephen Berry
  10. Toni Severin
  11. Damien Smith
  12. Miles McConway
  13. Beth Houlbrooke
  14. Carmel Claridge
  15. Bruce Carley
  16. Cameron Luxton
  17. Grae O'Sullivan
  18. Myah Deedman
  19. David Seymour
  20. David King
  21. Richard Evans
  22. Robert Andrews
  23. Stu Armstrong
  24. Sean Beamish
  25. Shawn Blanchfield
  26. Kartini Clarke
  27. Jan Daffern
  28. James Davies
  29. Tommy Fergusson
  30. Sean Fitzpatrick
  31. David Fox
  32. David Freeman
  33. Paul Gilbert
  34. Paul Grace
  35. Wayne Grattan
  36. Roger Greenslade
  37. Abby Johnson
  38. Chris Johnston
  39. Judith Kendall
  40. Pete Kirkwood
  41. Niko Kloeten
  42. Tim Kronfeld
  43. Mike McCormick
  44. Brent Miles
  45. Michael Nees
  46. David Olsen
  47. Grae O'Sullivan
  48. Andy Parkins
  49. Matthew Percival
  50. Jack Phillips
  51. Callum Steele-Macintosh
  52. Basil Walker
  53. Blake Webb
  54. Roger Weldon
  55. Bruce Whitehead
  56. Neil Wilson
  57. Ada Xiao