Coronavirus: National claims half of those in quarantine yet to be tested for COVID-19

The National Party says it has information that half of the thousands in quarantine are yet to be tested for coronavirus, despite Government rules saying they should. 

And on Thursday, Newshub found evidence of exactly that issue - how the rules are simply not being enforced at managed isolation facilities.  

The Rydges Auckland is a quarantine site where the New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) have now been deployed - although not everyone feels completely safe. 

"I think I was safer walking down the streets of Sydney than I am in the hotel here from catching COVID-19," quarantined traveller John told Newshub.

"There's nothing to separate different intakes and make sure they don't interact with others."

John arrived at the hotel on June 9 - the same day the Ministry of Health stated travellers "will be tested twice", on day 3 and day 12 of their stay. 

However, neither he nor anyone he's spoken to at the hotel has been tested. 

"I am on day nine. I came in on the 9th of June and I have not had a single swab to test for COVID-19 up to now," he told Newshub.

"There's no real emphasis on testing in spite of what the Director-General said."

It's not just The Rydges where testing isn't happening. 

Even at the Novotel Ellerslie, where two women were allowed out early without a test, guests were given pamphlets this week saying they'd like them to take a test, but "you have the right to refuse". This makes it sound voluntary, but testing is actually compulsory.

In Parliament, National asked why that was happening.

Health Minister Dr David Clark said it was one of the things he is seeking answers for because he finds it "unacceptable".

Also unacceptable was this - in Hamilton, motorbikes revved and co-called gangsters barked in a send-off for a slain Mongrel Mob member known as DJ Rogue.

Two of those who attended the crowded tangi left quarantine after getting special permission to do so. Then, they ran away. 

At the Crown Plaza in Auckland - it's claimed a homeless man managed to enjoy a two-week stay on the pretence of having returned from overseas.

"He hadn't come back from overseas. He'd just joined the back of the queue two weeks ago and spent a fortnight getting three square meals and a bath everyday on the Government," National health spokesperson Michael Woodhouse explained.

So lucky for some - but an indictment on a system that's supposedly set up to keep us COVID-free. 

Meanwhile an epidemiologist told Newshub on Thursday that with the most recent positive test, it makes it quite possible some of those in quarantine - who were never tested - could have COVID-19 and are now in the community.

He says he would expect the Health Ministry would need to follow up with those who hadn't been tested and work out a testing plan.