David Clark's Wikipedia page locked to stop people editing in anger over his treatment of Dr Ashley Bloomfield

The Wikipedia page for Health Minister David Clark has been locked to prevent angry people editing it following his controversial treatment of the Director-General of Health.

On Wednesday Clark sparked outrage across New Zealand when he placed blame for border blunders on the shoulders of Dr Ashley Bloomfield.

Clark told reporters "the Director General has accepted protocol wasn't being followed. He has accepted responsibility for that".

Newshub footage captured Dr Bloomfield's crestfallen face - the face that launched an onslaught of Wikipedia edits.

On Thursday someone edited Clark's Wikipedia page to read he was an "avid campaigner of the throwing under the bus policy".

One of the edits made to the page.
One of the edits made to the page. Photo credit: Wikipedia

Multiple other edits were made in the same vein - another said Clark was "the Minister for Health and throwing people under the bus".

Another edit called him a "non-essential worker" - a nod to the Leader of the Opposition Todd Muller's comments about the situation.

Muller slammed Clark, saying he was "the very definition of a non-essential worker".

The edits have all been removed and the entire page has been protected by administrators to stop "persistent vandalism". 

Usually anyone can edit a Wikipedia article, but now Clark's is under "semi-protection" the only people who will be able to edit are users who are logged in and verified. 

The protection will lift on Monday June 29.

This is not the first time Clark has been protected by Wikipedia - his page was also locked back in April when news he had broken New Zealand's strict lockdown conditions went public.

The Health Minister was chastised for driving to a Dunedin park to mountain bike, despite official guidelines warning against non-essential travel. Later it was discovered he had also moved house during the lockdown, again flouting the rules.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern stripped him of his role as Associate Finance Minister and demoted him to the bottom of the Labour cabinet as a result.