Election 2020: David Seymour selected as ACT's candidate for Whangarei

David Seymour has been selected as ACT's candidate for Whangarei - but it's not the Seymour you expect.

The ACT Party has two candidates named David Seymour running in the upcoming election - one (the most famous) in Auckland's Epsom seat, and now another up north.

The second Seymour says while he's not the ACT leader, he's also a "strong advocate" for the right to choose how to end your life.

"After a successful career in real estate, I was diagnosed with motor neuron disease in 2017," he says in a statement on Tuesday.

"I've lived a full and active life, but I believe that when my time comes, I should have a choice about how I go. It's my life and my choice.

"The reason I'm standing for ACT in Whangarei is to highlight the importance of providing compassion and choice for terminally ill New Zealanders."

ACT leader Seymour has been behind a push to legalise assisted dying. His End of Life Choice Bill passed its final reading in Parliament last year and will be put to a referendum at the 2020 general election.

Seymour (two) describes himself as an experienced businessman and a devoted family man who lives in Whangarei with his wife Rachael.

Since his diagnosis, he has mentored a variety of business people, organised an annual event for car enthusiasts, and remained involved in his community.