Election 2020: Thirteen firearms owners on ACT Party's election list as it takes aim at New Zealand First

Thirteen licenced firearms owners are on the ACT Party's election list of 56 that was released on Sunday.

It could be a sign that leader David Seymour is going after disaffected New Zealand First voters, and he said that party has "let down their voters".

ACT polled at 3 percent in the latest political poll, beating New Zealand First which was sitting at 2 percent. And, unlike leader Winston Peters, ACT has the luxury of a safe seat in Epsom.

"New Zealand First have let down a lot of people. I don't think they deserve to be in any Parliament let alone New Zealand's," Seymour said.

The poll gives ACT four MPs, but that's not the height of their ambition - Seymour said he wants "anywhere from six to eight" ACT MPs in Parliament.

"Passionate" gun lobbyist Nicole McKee catapults to third of the party's list, and 27-year-old backroom ACT staffer Brooke van Velden has risen to deputy leader. Former deputy Beth Houlbrooke is demoted to 13th.

"[Houlbrooke] has done such a good job for the Rodney local board and I think really she's going to focus on that," Seymour said.

Although the party released its ranking of members on Sunday, it didn't go into detail about any new policies - it instead will announce these in a couple of weeks. But there were clues in the language Seymour used, including "you are voting to have in Parliament some common sense for a change" and "people say ACT is speaking common sense, I say we need some common sense for a change".

ACT is ready to work with the National Party in Government.

"We won't be wagging the dog, we'll be keeping the dog on a very short leash," he said.

But he ruled out the role of kingmaker and said he won't work with any other party.

Peters said his party is the one of common sense, and "common sense is what you're seeing breaking out everywhere now".