Poll: Is the Government doing enough to help our economy recover from COVID-19?

  • 06/06/2020

As the economic ramifications of the COVID-19 pandemic hit, policies to help our recovery are coming under increasing scrutiny. 

There have been an array of initiatives released by the Government to help those immediately affected, including its massive wage subsidy scheme, loans for businesses, and changes to assist renters.

Budget 2020 committed money to recovery programmes, like $400 million for tourism or $1.6 billion to trades training, while also leaving billions more for future spending. 

But National reckons the Government lacks a cohesive plan. Since rolling Simon Bridges, new leader Todd Muller has released economic proposals like its JobStart and Tourism Accelerator schemes. When announcing the JobStart policy, Finance spokesperson Paul Goldsmith said businesses were "desperate for cash flow and this payment could alleviate some of the pressure they're facing while also supporting growth".

Like New Zealand First leader Winston Peters, National wants New Zealand in alert level 1. Industry leaders say that would help businesses, like those in hospitality, currently hampered by restrictions. ACT has also advocated for getting to level 1 as soon as possible.

A decision on that move has been moved up to Monday, with Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern saying a balanced decision based on relevant health advice is necessary.

Do you think the Government is doing enough to help our economy recover from COVID-19?