Todd Muller undergoes surgery, has pre-cancerous moles removed

National Party leader Todd Muller.
National Party leader Todd Muller. Photo credit: Getty Images

National Party leader Todd Muller underwent minor surgery on Tuesday to remove pre-cancerous moles.

He posted a brief message on Facebook to say it went well and no further treatment is required.

He added he'll work from home for the next few days while he recovers.

Many commenters on his post said they were glad the surgery was a success and wished him well for a fast recovery.

"Thank you for being open with us. All the best for your recovery. This is a great reminder to get your moles checked peeps," one person wrote.

"We wish you a speedy recovery and take care. We need you Todd," another said.

"Great news Todd. Keep well and relax a little while you can. Busy times ahead," a third person replied, alluding to the upcoming September 19 General Election.

Some commenters took the opportunity to encourage others to get their moles regularly checked, with one saying: "Please get those spots checked folks - they can go from 'nothing much' to 'lights out' in a matter of months."