Brian Tamaki claims Government wants to kill babies, bring about Marxism at Auckland CBD protest ride

Destiny Church has held a protest ride of hundreds of motorbikes through Auckland CBD on Saturday in what it says is a fight for "freedom and rights".

Church leader Brian Tamaki and the Tu Tangata Riders started their convoy in the south Auckland suburb of Manukau and travelled along the Southern Motorway, blocking it as they did so.

The motorcycle group then rode through Auckland's CBD and joined the 'let's get NZ back' march up Queen Street to Aotea Square.

"Bishop Tamaki is making a stand! He wants change in this Government, he is tired of our freedoms and rights being violated by this present Government and taken from us!" a Destiny Church spokesperson said in a statement.

"He wants to protect the Kiwi way of life!"

But Tamaki's ride wasn't well-received by all members of the public.

"F***ing Destiny Church bikers making my bus detour all around the CBD," one person wrote on Twitter.

Speaking at Aotea Square, Tamaki claimed the Government wants to kill babies and is taking away New Zealanders' freedoms.

"We can not stay silent any longer, it's time for our voices to be heard," he said. "Politicians no longer represent the people. They are self-serving and represent themselves."

Tamaki accused politicians of introducing extreme left-wing view and abortion legislation.

"They start to bring a strange type of ideology like socialism, Marxism, communism, all these other 'isms'," he said.

"They put the most extreme abortion legislation through this Government. They want to kill our babies."

Leader of the Vision NZ Party Hannah Tamaki also spoke at the rally. She said the freedom to raise families how people want to is under attack and warned people would be "forced" to immunise their children.

"I can see why people are fed up, many are wondering how to clothe and feed their kids, or how they are going to pay their rent next week and still others are wondering what has happened to our beautiful Kiwi way of life," she said in a statement.

"Well no party in Parliament other than Vision New Zealand, which is out of Parliament, is talking about real solutions for families and making a stand for our flag, freedoms, faith and future."